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XPS Rigid insulation slabs 80mm

XPS Rigid insulation slabs 80mm

80mm XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) Insulation Board is a closed-cell polystyrene foam insulation sheet with fantastic thermal properties, good moisture resistance (reduces the risk of water penetration) and very high compressive strength of 300kPa.

Over twice stronger then strongest of PIR or Phenolic foam boards.

Sizes of each board:

1235 x 585mm Finnfoam

1265 z 615mm Hoch



Ground insulation: foundations and basements

Insulation of external basement walls

Insulation of thermal bridges of wreaths, lintels, windowsills and balconies

Insulation of flat roofs in inverted system

Terrace insulation, flooring

Insulation of sandwich walls

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