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Rockwool Frontrock Plus 80mm

Rockwool Frontrock Plus 80mm

ROCKWOOL Frontrock is a robust insulation solution for a range of general building projects as well as specialist specifications such as commercial, leisure, industrial and more. The insulation provides excellent acoustic, thermal and fire performance. ROCKWOOL Frontrock plus has been developed for thermal, acoustic and fire performance in a range of construction types.Frontrock plus is made up of high-quality resin bonded slabs in a variety of thicknesses and densities. Specialist facings are available to order to meet the specifications of unique projects. The ROCKWOOL slabs can be applied to an array of general building applications for acoustic and thermal insulation of partition walls, ceilings, floors and roofs. The multi-use solution is well suited for easy application throughout constructions.

1000x600mm slabs

80mm thickness


U-value 0.035

80kg/m3 density

Product is used often in external walls insulation applications like ETICS

or commercial roofing and any other where highest class of insulation and sound performance is key.

Rockwool RW5 would be only one on Uk and Irish market to compare to this type of product

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