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Magnelis internal plastering mesh 2.8m

Magnelis internal plastering mesh 2.8m

Aesthetic performance of internal plasters requires the use of corners on all types of edges. Most of the corners available on the market are made of galvanized steel. Unfortunately, in difficult conditions of construction or operation of a building, e.g. as a result of unfavorable conditions for plaster drying, rust may appear on galvanized corners, which definitely destroys the effect of elegant walls. An alternative to galvanized steel is a steel with a Magnelis® coating. This coating is formed on a typical hot dip galvanizing line, but the zinc bath contains an admixture of 3.5% aluminum and 3% magnesium. The 3% magnesium admixture is decisive, because it creates a stable and strong coating on the entire surface of the sheet, guaranteeing much more effective protection against corrosion.
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