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Knauf Putzgrund external PVA

Knauf Putzgrund external PVA

Knauf Putzgrund is an ideal undercoat for all kinds of plasters . Works as an effective primer . It has a special quartz sand, which improves the absorbency and adhesion of walls and ceilings.

PUTZGRUND GRUNT KNAUF - Properties / Advantages:

regulates absorbency

improves the adhesion of walls and ceilings


solvent free

enriched with quartz sand

high performance

available in 700 colors in Knauf color palettes (Classic 04 and Finess 04)


PUTZGRUND GRUNT KNAUF - technical parameters, application and consumption

Technical data:

density 1.43 (± 10%) (g / cm3)

cannot be mixed with other materials and primers

transport and storage at + 5 ° C


for priming surfaces before applying structural facade plasters (it covers well and evens color)

for all types of plasters (acrylic, silicate, siloxane, mineral, silicone, mosaic)

Consumption / Performance:

0.375 kg / m²


Thanks to the above parameters it works well both outside and inside buildings. Knauf Putzgrund is an ideal primer and primer for plasters, which is widely used in construction in Europe and around the world!

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