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Knauf Plastering Mesh 50sqm roll

Knauf Plastering Mesh 50sqm roll

In construction , fiberglass is a valuable material as a result of the appropriate insulating properties. Most often it appears in concealed grids. With the help of such fiberglass nets, it is possible to build walls, ceiling, floor and more advanced technological constructions (e.g. highways). The material has been adapted for indoor and outdoor use. Knauf Profix plastering mesh has adequate resistance and anti- shrink properties, which is important when it is used in the construction of underfloor heating.

Knauf 10x10 50 m2 plaster grid - Properties / Advantages:



alkali resistance


Knauf 10x10 50 m2 plaster grid - Technical parameters, application and consumption:

Fiberglass has been impregnated, which allows it to deal with alkaline compounds. It is resistant to stretching, so it additionally strengthens the surfaces on which it is used. Flush-mounted fiberglass mesh can be used without fear of paint or plaster composition. They are strong and durable, so they protect against the formation of damage during the deposition of the walls of the constructed structure. The presence of such a concealed mesh compensates for any stresses that occur when heating the facade. So it allows you to increase the resistance to mechanical damage.

Technical data:

basis weight 165g / m2

mesh size 10x10mm

available dimensions: width 33 cm, width 100 cm in rolls of 50 m2


to make a reinforcing layer when laying all types of plasters (gypsum, cement, cement-lime)

inside and outside of buildings

Consumption / Performance:

no data / depending on needs

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