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Knauf G-K Finish Finishing coat Compound

Knauf G-K Finish Finishing coat Compound


 loose, ready-to-mix mortar

 binding product, working time approx. 60 min

 is a system with the Knauf GK Start product

 color after drying similar to the color Knauf GK Start

 easy manual and mechanical mixing

 easy to obtain a homogeneous mass

 the ability to adjust the consistency by adding powder or water

 very good application properties

 very good adhesion to the ground

 easy sanding of dry surface

 allows for very smooth surfaces of walls and ceilings ideal for painting or other decorative works

 smooth transition between the surface of the plate and the finish coat after grinding step Q3


Knauf GK Finish gypsum smoothing is used for manual, final surface finishing of all types of gypsum plasterboards in Q3 and Q4 standards. It can be used on mineral surfaces such as gypsum plasters, cement-lime plasters and resin plasters after their preparation with a suitable primer. It can be applied by hand while maintaining the maximum thickness of a single layer up to 3 mm

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