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Knauf FPP Polymer Fire Sealant

Knauf FPP Polymer Fire Sealant

Knauf FPP Fire-retardant polymer is a fire-resistant and sound-proof mass intended for many unusual applications. It can be used to seal deformable areas and as a sanitary seal in areas where standard fire-retardant acrylics cannot be used. The polymer mass provides an effective seal against fire, smoke, gas and sound.

Technical data

specific gravity 1.54 g / cm 3

VOC 0 g / l

durability type X

chemical resistance

resistant to salt water

resistant to the development of microorganisms in

hardness A 47 - Shore hardness scale

shrinkage of 15% by volume on one side

elongation 3.79 MPa (379 N / mm 2 )

elongation at tensile 270%

reaction to fire classification D-s2, d0

touch dry time up to 60 minutes

coating formation time up to 30 minutes

curing speed 10% after 24 hours

thermal conductivity 0.845 W / mK at a depth of 20 mm according to EN 12667

service temperature from -40 C to +75 C; uncured mass should not be frozen

300 ml package

fire resistance for securing the opening in liners up to 4h

high acoustic insulation> 62 dB

paintable, does not swallow

solvent-free and free of volatile organic compound

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