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Knauf Fassi 5L

Knauf Fassi 5L

An effective agent for cleaning the facade and combating fungi and algae is the proven Knauf Fassi. Thanks to it, it manages to quickly remove fungi and algae from facades, cement and ceramic tiles. Prevents microorganisms and has a biocidal effect. It does not have heavy metals and it is possible to paint it. Recommended for use outdoors.


Ready to use

Removes dirt from mineral, acrylic, silicate, siloxane and silicone plasters, cement and ceramic tiles

Fights fungi and algae and prevents their re-emergence

destroys fungi and algae on the facade,

ready to use (no dilution required)

prevents the re-emergence of microorganisms


can be painted

for outdoor use


FASSI KNAUF PRODUCT - Technical parameters, application and consumption:

Knauf Fassi Agent for cleaning and combating fungi and algae on the facade is primarily intended for combating microorganisms formed on facades in BSO thermal insulation systems (Seamless Thermal Systems). Both on surfaces made of acrylic, silicate, siloxane, silicone as well as mineral plasters. It can also be used to remove fungi and algae from cement, cement-lime and lime plasters, as well as from concrete and ceramic substrates. When used on ceramic or cement tiles, check the agent in a small space beforehand.


Knauf Fassi is applied to contaminated surfaces with a brush or roller. We do not apply mechanically. Before applying the agent on the entire surface, it is worth conducting the test in a less visible place. This is a strong measure, so care should be taken to avoid contact with eyes and skin. The product after application to the surface should be allowed to dry for 12-24 hours. Later we clean the surface of remaining impurities (pressurized water or a sharp brush). Knauf Fassi must be used repeatedly for heavy soiling. After thorough cleaning the surface, it is worth applying Knauf Fassi again to impregnate it before the microorganisms reappear. Then it is recommended to use high-quality silicone paints (e.g. Knauf Silicone Paint).

Technical data:

Application temperature - from + 5 ° C to + 25 ° C

Drying time: depending on the absorbency of the substrate 12-24 hours

Consumption / Performance:

0.15 liter / m2


FASSI KNAUF is the best agent for cleaning and controlling fungi outdoors. It allows you to perfectly protect surfaces against the re-emergence of microorganisms. Also known as an ideal preparation for preparing surfaces for subsequent painting.

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