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Knauf Extrafinish compound

Knauf Extrafinish compound

Knauf Extrafinish is a polymer  Finishing compound. Better results than common Gyproc skimcoat.Easy to process. It allows you to get perfectly smooth surfaces. It is universally applicable - for plasterboards, gypsum, cement-lime plasters, other coats. Especially recommended for large surfaces that want to get perfectly smooth. Application is manual and machine. It is widely used in the interiors of buildings and rooms. EXTRAFINISH KNAUF FINISH FILLER COMPOUND - Properties / Advantages:  easy to process  polymer putty  makes it possible to obtain perfectly smooth surfaces  wide application (for gypsum plasters, plasterboards, cement-lime plasters and other finishing coats)  possibility of machine and manual application  indoor use  recommended for large areas  high flexibility  high performance  easy mixing EXTRAFINISH KNAUF FILLER - Technical parameters, application and consumption: Technical data: Water absorption W0 Adhesion to the ground 0.08 (N / mm2) Vapor permeability coefficient [µ] Mineral material - safe with regard to building biology Shelf life 12 months from the date of manufacture on the packaging Works on coats up to 3mm thick Consumption / Performance:  1 mm thick about 1.5 kg / m2 Application: It is a putty made on the basis of marble flour with the addition of polymers. It has a powder form that is ready to be made. Retains extended setting time. And thanks to it it is possible to obtain perfectly smooth surfaces on large and small surfaces. Knauf Extrafinish is a polymer and powder filler enriched with special agents that modify its properties. It comes from the well-known brand of Knauf building materials, which guarantee its high quality, as many companies around the world have seen.

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