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Knauf adhesive for Eps slabs and mesh

Knauf adhesive for Eps slabs and mesh

KNAUF STYRO,EPS,XPS AND MESH ADHESIVE KNAUF - Properties / Advantages: flexible permeable high grip efficient waterproof hardy economical in use for machine and manual applicationKNAUF Insulation Boards And Mesh Adhesive - Technical specifications, application and consumption:Technical data: application temperature from +5 to +25 ° C processing time about 2 hours priming after about 2 days layer thickness 4-5 mm reaction to fire class A2-s1, d0 grip? 0.08 N / mm2 water absorption W1 water vapor permeability coefficient? 20 thermal conductivity ? 0.82 for P = 50% (W / m * K) thermal conductivity ? 0.89 for P = 90% (W / m * K)Application: for fixing thermal insulation boards made of white and graphite foam and XPS type insulation boards to make a reinforcing layer on white, graphite foamed polystyrene in thermal insulation systems with a fiberglass meshConsumption / Performance: average consumption 4 / m2
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