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Building Gypsum compound 30kg

Building Gypsum compound 30kg

Product description

Stuckigps Knauf is a fast-setting plaster . Used in repair work, embedding plaster and corner moldings inside buildings, installation works and filling of furrows. Also best for fixing and embedding electrical boxes.

STUCKGIPS KNAUF - Properties / Advantages:

 high grip

 high durability

 fast setting and hardening time

 abrasion resistance

STUCKGIPS KNAUF - Technical parameters, application and consumption:

Technical data:

 Bulk density 100 (kg / m³)

 Reaction to fire A1 EN 13501

 Surface hardness 12 (N / mm2) EN 13279

 1.0 grain size (mm)

 Compressive strength approx. 8.0 (N / mm²)

 Flexural strength approx. 3.0 (N / mm²)

Consumption / Performance:

 per mm thick 1 kg / m²

 100 kg = approx. 60 l mortar


Pour Knauf Stuckgips building gypsum with a putty knife or trowel into the water, then mix until a homogeneous and clump-free mass is obtained. Plaster sets quickly, so the substrate must be cleaned beforehand. And ensure that the material is prepared for a minimum of 5 minutes of work. Initial binding occurs within 15-18 minutes, and final binding after 25-26 minutes. Complete drying for about 10 days (depending on room temperature and layer thickness).

Stuckigps Knauf building gypsum is characterized by good adhesion, high strength, setting and hardening speed as well as abrasion resistance. This is one of the best Knauf gypsum building plasters, which finds so much use in construction and industry.

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